a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of uranium and thorium

    同义词: astatine atomic number 85

    100 at equal 1 kip in Laos

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  1. Acoustic Transmission System 声音传输系统
  2. Acquisition and Tracking System 收集追踪系统
  3. American Theological Society 美国神学学会
  4. American Travel Service 美国旅行社
  5. American Temperance Society 美国禁酒学会
  6. Army Transport Service 陆军运输勤务
  7. Army Transport Service 陆军(水上)运输勤务(部队)
  8. Automatic Test System 自动试验系统
  9. Air Training School 空军训练学校
  10. American Technical Society 美国技术学会
  11. American Television Society 美国电视学会
  12. Automatic Train Stop 火车自动停车装置
  13. Application Technological Satellite 应用技术卫星
  14. Absolute Temperature Scale绝对温标
  15. Antitetanic Serum抗破伤风血清 
  1. 美国胸科学会(ATS)是世界上最大的有关呼吸病和胸外疾病研究的专业学会,每年举办的年会是全球从事呼吸系统疾病、感染性疾病和重症医学领域的基础和…
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  3. 自动测试系统(Automatic Test System)
  4. …: 随着企业在光网络传输设备的产品开发中测试部分的投入逐渐增大,其中一方面因为新产品的制造增加了成本,另一方面是因为随着支持功能的增加而使得投入测试的人力、物力、时间也随之增加。在追求低成本高产出的现今,使得如何在测试环节节省成本成为一个重要问题。目前,自动测试是解决这一问题的主要途径。 自动测试系统(ATS)是指在人工干涉最少的情况下,自动进行测试,并对测试数据进行处理,以适当方式输出、记录测试结果的系统。
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  6. 自动转换开关
  7. 自动转换开关(ATS)是市电与油机电切换、双路由电源切换必不可少的设备。通信局房中选择合适的自动切换开关,是提高供电安全性极为重要的一个环节。
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  9. 列车自动监控
  10. 列车自动监控(ATS) 是一个向中央调度人员提供人机借口的非安全系统 本地ATS设备放置于拥有区域控制器的各个车站的机房中 ATS功能
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  12. 短语
  13. ATS-L 凯迪拉克 ; 使用体会 ; 有ATS ; 长轴版
  14. Discoverer ATS 纵横者
  15. Ats Purje 普雷杰
  16. ATS-Applicant Tracking System 求职跟踪系统
  17. ATS-Assists 助攻总数
  18. ATS TrackingAntennaSystem 跟踪天线系统
  19. ATS AutomaticTapeStop 磁带自动停止
  20. ATS Salvage Tug 救援拖船
  21. ATS route 空中交通服务航路
    声音传输系统(Acoustic Transmission System);美国神学学会(American Theological Society)


They estimated the number of visitors at 10 million.
He computed his losses at USD5,000.
The tariff at the hotel ranges from 20 dollars to 50 dollars a day for a single room.
The video is programmed to switch on at ten o'clock.



 Pena-Irala that the ATS applied to a wide array of alleged human rights violations.

 FORBES: Second Circuit Puts A Damper On Suits Under Alien Tort Statute
 Operational transparency and trade attribution are "must haves" for all ATS, ECN and Exchange markets!

 FORBES: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Pools
 Problem is there is no way to distinguish one ATS dark pool trade from another!

 FORBES: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark Pools















1. PREP You use at to indicate the place or event where something happens or is situated. 在 (某地) 例: He will be at the airport to meet her. 他将在机场见她。 例: I didn’t like being alone at home. 我不喜欢独自在家。 例: They agreed to meet at a restaurant in Soho. 他们约定了在索霍区的一家餐馆里见面。

2. PREP If you are at something such as a table, a door, or someone’s side, you are next to it or them. 在…旁边 例: An assistant sat typing away at a table beside him. 一名助手坐在他身边的一张桌子旁打字。 例: At his side was a beautiful young woman. 他的身边是一位漂亮的年轻女子。

3. PREP When you are describing where someone or something is, you can say that they are at a certain distance. You can also say that one thing is at an angle in relation to another thing. 以 (某距离、某角度) 例: The two journalists followed at a discreet distance. 那两名记者保持一段适当的距离跟在后面。

4. PREP If something happens at a particular time, that is the time when it happens or begins to happen. 在 (某时刻) 例: The funeral will be carried out this afternoon at 3:00. 葬礼将在今天下午3点举行。

5. PREP If you do something at a particular age, you do it when you are that age. 在 (某岁时) 例: Zachary started playing violin at age 4. 扎卡里4岁开始拉小提琴。

6. PREP If someone is at a particular school or college, they go there regularly to study. 在 (某学校) 例: Their daughter is a sophomore at Yale. 他们的女儿在耶鲁大学读大二。

7. PREP You use at to express a rate, frequency, level, or price. 以 (某速度、频率、水平或价格) 例: I drove back down the motorway at normal speed. 我以正常速度沿高速公路往回开。 例: Check the oil at regular intervals, and have the car serviced regularly. 定期检查机油,经常保养汽车。

8. PREP You use at before a number or amount to indicate a measurement. 在 (某数量) [PREP amount] 例: …as unemployment stays pegged at three million. …由于失业人数维持在300万。

9. PREP If you look at someone or something, you look toward them. If you direct an object or a comment at someone, you direct it toward them. 朝 (方向) 例: He looked at Michael and laughed. 他朝迈克尔看去,笑了。

10. PREP You can use at after verbs such as “smile” or “wave” and before nouns referring to people to indicate that you have put on an expression or made a gesture that someone is meant to see or understand. 冲 (某人…) [v PREP n] 例: She opened the door and stood there, frowning at me. 她打开门站在那里,冲我皱着眉头。

11. PREP If you point or gesture at something, you move your arm or head in its direction so that it will be noticed by someone you are with. 对着(某物) [v PREP n] 例: He pointed at the empty bottle and the waitress quickly replaced it. 他向那个空瓶指了指,女服务员迅速换了它。

12. PREP If you are working at something, you are dealing with it. If you are aiming at something, you are trying to achieve it. 在 (某目标上) 例: She has worked hard at her marriage. 她在婚姻上已经很努力了。

13. PREP If something is done at someone’s invitation or request, it is done as a result of it. 应 (某人之邀) [PREP n with poss] 例: She left the light on in the bathroom at his request. 她应他的要求让浴室里的灯开着。

14. PREP You use at to say that someone or something is in a particular state or condition. 在 (某状态或情况下) [v-link PREP n] 例: I am afraid we are not at liberty to disclose that information. 恐怕我们无权透露那信息。

15. PREP You use at before a possessive pronoun and a superlative adjective to say that someone or something has more of a particular quality than at any other time. 在 (某人或某事物最…的时候) 例: When I’m on the soccer field, I’m at my happiest. 当我在足球场上时,我最开心了。

16. PREP You use at to say how something is being done. 以 (某方式) 例: Three people were killed by shots fired at random from a minibus. 三个人被一辆小巴里乱射的子弹打死了。

17. PREP You use at to show that someone is doing something repeatedly. 在 (某物上反复做某事) [v PREP n] 例: She lowered the handkerchief which she had kept dabbing at her eyes. 她放下了那块她一直在反复擦眼睛的手绢。

18. PREP You use at to indicate an activity or task when saying how well someone does it. 在 (某方面) 例: I’m good at my work. 我擅长我的工作。

19. PREP You use at to indicate what someone is reacting to. 因 (某事物) 例: Elena was annoyed at having had to wait so long for him. 埃琳娜因不得不等他那么长的时间而恼火。

20. N a Laotian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a kip 老特; 老挝货币单位,100老特等于1基普

21. the INTERNET DOMAIN NAME for Austria 奥地利

22. at all →see all

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